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Children's Services

South Orange Public Library

65 Scotland Road ~ South Orange NJ 07079

phone 973.762.0230 ~ text 973.327.3945

Beth Halliday, MLIS, head of children's services

March is Makers Month :

Menu, schedule & descriptions of our hands-on, minds-on programs all March long

Winter and Spring program flyer:

Schedule & descriptions of our programs for children and families.

So many volunteers, so many community members, at South Orange Public Library so many interesting new projects and ideas...so many thanks!

Thanks to the Friends, the MLK, Jr. Day volunteer painters, the Things That Matter planners, panelists, and SOMS student writers. Things That Matter still matter, of course, and you can share your ideas at this, your library.

The sopl150 party in September began with a parade - and a dragon hatched from a book, perhaps, with the help of volunteers who sewed and crafted cardboard and knitted and tie-dyed and painted...


The party continued with so much fun and lots of great music


Beth Halliday was spotted with William Beebe.

We have books, of course, lots and lots of books that are part of our lively and ever expanding collection of materials available for check out. Beyond books, there are audiobooks and movies, themed goodie bags (great for road trips and weekends), museum passes and tablets for kids – and ask about 3D printing and SEAT kits!.

The sopl150 coloring book is still for sale at the library and and available for free online

And remember that Little Pim (fun with language for kids), TumbleBooks library, ebooks and downloadable audiobooks from ElibraryNJ are all available directly from the library's home page.

And that March is Makers month - from 3D design to makers mayhem. Join the fun!

I enjoy getting to know you and your family, and to hear your suggestions and ideas, as you spend some time in the Children’s Room at our South Orange Public Library. Shall we make something together?
Beth Halliday


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If you have any questions or comments, please contact Beth Halliday, head of children's services.
This page was last updated March 2017.