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SEAT kits are hands-on science and technology packs assembled by theme. Contents may include tablets, books, cameras, movies, art projects, models, tools, games…See highlights on the back. We have assembled our SEAT kits with multiple users of all generations in mind. Explore and experience our SEAT kits at home, in the park, at a friend’s house or even on a road trip.

Things to know about SEAT kits:

  • Available to browse and check out at our adult reference desk -For 1-week checkout to South Orange card holding residents 17 or older
  • Leave a record of what you did! Take pictures and leave some on camera! Leave notes and/or sketches in the journals! Put apps on the tablets! Add to each SEAT!
  • SEAT kits are meant for all ages; please note that some items require adult supervision.

  • A Day in the Park: Camera, telescope, jump ropes, chalk, art supplies and games.
  • Color & Vision: Laptop, digital microscope, eyeball model, 3-D glasses, colored pencils and rear view spy glasses.
  • Count on me: Electric calculators, abacus, adding machine, Spiro graph Design, scale and 360° Inversion Puzzle.
  • Design.Build.Create: Android Tablet, model chairs, Architectural Template, Simple Machines kit and a bag of Legos.
  • Being Human: Flip video camera, squishy human, skeleton molds, human x-rays, brain model, DNA kit and a stethoscope.
  • Snap & Makey: Makey Makey(play piano with carrots or bananas!), Snap Circuits Jr.
  • Nature Observer: Camera, binoculars, led microscope, butterfly net and art supplies.
  • Rocks & Bones: Lenovo Tablet, rock kit, head magnifier, T-Rex skull, goggles and skeleton molds.
  • Raspberry Pi –It’s a Snap!: Raspberry Pi ultimate starter kit, Snap Circuits Extreme. Road Trip!: Digital camera, GPS, brass sextant, games and art kits.
  • Look to the skies: Telescope weather station, binoculars and tornado tubes.