Take a selfie with your SOPL library card and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #getcarded for a chance to win Apple AirPods. Details here.

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    All image links fill the width of their section within the full screen size and cap at a max height of 200px – choose images that are large and wide as possible
  • Blog Post¬†
    600 x 430
    Ratio 4:3
  • Highlights Slider Image
    600 x 430
    Ratio 4:3
  • Suggested Reading Image
    1000 x 750
  • Homepage Slider
    1500 x 1000
    We recommend adding an image with a transparent background into the Slider Right content area and then setting a background color with the color picker.
    If using a full background image – add the TRANSPARENT-SPACER image from the media library into the right content section
  • Menu Images
    1286 x 700
    Ratio: 3:2